Sunday, September 17, 2023

Video Captures Amtrak Train Hitting SUV in Andover MA


An SUV was struck by an Amtrak train Saturday in Andover, Massachusetts, injuring one woman -- and it was all caught on camera.

Andover police say they responded to the incident on Pearson Street at Railroad Street around 9:20 a.m. and found a BMW X1 with significant front-end damage.

One woman was taken to Lawrence General Hospital with minor injuries, police said.

Amtrak says no passengers or crew members on the train were injured.

Surveillance video from a business nearby captured the terrifying moments as the Amtrak train slammed into the front-end of the SUV. It appears to show the driver going over the tracks as the crossing arms start coming down. The driver then backs up and continues to back up further when the train then collides with the SUV.

According to police, the driver was stopped on the tracks waiting to enter the intersection when she saw the crossing lights turn on and the gates come down. Police say she panicked and tried to back up before the front of her car was struck by the oncoming train, causing her to spin around.

Neighbors who spoke to NBC10 Boston on Saturday night said while they didn't see the moment of impact, they did see the aftermath and were glad to hear that the driver wasn't seriously hurt.

"I heard the train honking. It does that sometimes but lately it seemed like it's been more frequently and then I saw some police cars go by, so that's when I looked out the window and saw that the car had hit where the signal goes down," one woman said. "The entire engine was exposed, everything, it was just kind of compressed... It looked pretty bad."

Back in July, investigators say an 85-year-old man was killed by an Amtrak train near the Andover station. Prosecutors say the pedestrian was waiting for a southbound train to pass before being hit by a train going north -- right after the southbound train cleared the intersection.

Authorities say Amtrak police are investigating what happened Saturday in this latest incident.

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