Sunday, November 27, 2016

Name That Photo Location: Bradford MA LOCATION FOUND!

Back in 2011, I posted about a set of photographs I have that didn't have a location noted.  I ended up finding out they are of the Boston & Maine bridge connecting Bradford to Haverhill MA.  

The other day, while pondering selling or donating the photos, I decided to try once again to identify the business who's name was painted on the brick building to the right of the bridge.  This time, I actually had some luck!

The name is F.N. Livingston Co, one of many businesses in the area involved in the shoe industry.  At left is a page from an 1889 business directory of Haverhill MA.  At that time, they were located at 12 Porter Place, which was near 74 Washington St.  That is the road directly behind the buildings in the photo.  

In 1905, F.N. Livingston was located at 17 Sanders Place, which was from 130 Washington St. 

Another bit of info I found was that the building with the painted sign ALSO once housed Perley A. Stone's company, also a shoe related business.  There is a drawing of the building in the same 1889 directory.    So it appears these companies moved around a lot!

From a 1914 map of Haverhill MA
This view looks south toward Bradford, away from our buildings. 
I also found out that the existing railroad bridge was opened in 1920.  It sits on piers from "the 1880 bridge", which is the bridge in the photos!  Therefore, the photos I was wondering about were taken most likely in 1879-1880!  

Lastly, I noticed in one photo an ornate tower/cupola.  Sure enough, that belonged to the B&M railroad station that stood right near the shore.  

Tower of B&M station at Haverhill