Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Hampshire House votes to shut down commuter line

Prime reason why so much money is wasted on "feasibility studies".  Think about how much actual WORK could have been done with the money they already had.  Instead, it goes to studies that never amount to anything. 

While I agree that there are a LOT of places where spending needs to be cut, commuter rail in NH isn't a cut I agree with.  Look at all the people who live in New Hampshire and commute to Massachusetts to work.  The highways are clogged with them.  A good commuter system would be a plus for the state.

READ: TRAINS.COM New Hampshire House votes to shut down commuter line

CONCORD, N.H. — Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives have voted to shut down a rail authority that would operate commuter trains to Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, N.H., the Manchester Union Leader has reported. The bill now goes to the state Senate for action.

The authority was set up to study a commuter rail link to Boston. It’s already obtained $4.1 million in federal funds to study the economic impacts of expanded service.

“We need to tighten our belts and do more with less, but the message just isn’t getting through to rail aficionados,” said Rep. John Hikel, R-Goffstown.

Peter Burling, the authority’s chairman, called the vote “sad,” but said he’ll make the case for the authority at the state Senate.

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