Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MBTA threatens to fire MBCR

READ: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority threatens to fire operator - TRAINS Magazine

BOSTON — Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has announced it’s considering firing the company that operates its system under contract, the Boston Herald has reported. The threat comes as the reliability of operations have plummeted amid repeated winter storms and cold weather.

“We have leverage over the MBCR [operator Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad] and we’ll use the upcoming contract to scare them to prove to us that they have credible customer service,” said Richard Davey, MBTA’s general manager. “They’ve got work to do on that.”

The latest meltdown came Monday, when a locomotive failed on an express train between the Newtonville and Newton stations Monday evening. The locomotive suffered a mechanical failure during the morning commute, but the railroad thought it’d been properly fixed. Davey called the fiasco “entirely preventable.”

If the authority fired MBCR, it would likely begin operating its own system, as numerous commuter lines around the country do

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