Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Legislator Could Lose Rights to NH Railroad Line

(Source: Union - By MARK HAYWARD)

Long under scrutiny for his use of a state-owned railroad line, a Peterborough state representative could end up losing access to the 18 1/2-mile line, which runs between Wilton and Bennington.

Peter Leishman, owner of Milford-Bennington Railroad Company, said he’s currently using the track without the blessings of state transportation officials.

They even returned payments he tried to send them last year, said Leishman, a Democrat from Peterborough.

In the meantime, another company — possibly Pan Am Railways — could end up winning a state contract that would give it control of the track, challenging Leishman’s ability to use it.

Leishman uses the line to transport stone from a quarry to a Milford concrete business.

“None of this makes any sense,” Leishman said. For 20 years, he had an exceptional relationship with the state Department of Transportation, he said.......... READ WHOLE ARTICLE

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