Friday, November 4, 2011

Name That Photo Location: Bradford MA PART 1

The four vintage photos below came in a lot I purchsed a few years ago.  There were no notes on the backs as to their location.  Since most everything in the lot was from New England, I was hoping these were as well.  I sent out a mass email to various rail-folks, and the result is I now know the location: Bradford (Haverhill) Massachusetts.  Now I need the rough date!  Anyone have an idea?  SEE UPDATE!!!!

Looking north-east
Note the brick buildings...
The overall area as it appears today
Note the old bridge abutment just visible at left of the current bridge
This branch track seems to be where the passengers cars were located in the first view
This seems to be the only building still standing from the bridge views

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  1. In case this is still a the course of looking up information on the present-day bridge, I found a Mass. Historical Commission record that lists this bridge as being built in 1880 and replaced by the current structure in 1919. Given that these look like construction photos, I would hazard a guess at 1880.