Thursday, September 22, 2011

MBTA Workers Could Lose Free Rides

BOSTON -- Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority employees could be paying to ride the buses and subway cars under a proposal being considering by state lawmakers.
The Legislature's Joint Committee on Transportation heard testimony on a bill Thursday that would prohibit MBTA workers and retirees from taking rides free of charge on the T subway cars and buses for personal travel, as they have for decades.

The proposal comes as the agency faces a $161 million deficit in its operating budget and officials search for new ways to boost revenues, such as selling advertising on its website and licensing T merchandise and clothing, to avoid fare hikes.

The employee pass is part of each employee's wages and benefits package negotiated with the MBTA. The agency has labor agreements with 16 unions, and the bonus of free rides do not come without a cost to employees in other areas, union leaders say......... READ WHOLE ARTICLE: MBTA Workers Could Lose Free Rides - WCVB Boston

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