Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MBTA Quiet-Car Pilot Program

Quiet Car Pilot Program runs January 3 - April 3, 2011 on the Franklin and Fitchburg Lines

In a recent survey, thousands of our customers said they'd like to try a 'quiet car' on Commuter Rail. To test out the concept, we're running a 'quiet car' pilot program on the Franklin and Fitchburg Lines during peak times (see the shaded area on the train schedule for specific peak times).  The 'quiet car' will run for ninety days during which time we'll be surveying riders to see what they think of the experience. If it's a good one, we'll consider rolling it out on all commuter rail lines later in the spring.
View the schedule for the Franklin Line or the Fitchburg Line.
Tips for riding in a 'quiet car'
  1. Where is the 'quiet car' located on the train? The quiet car is the car closest to the locomotive.
  2. When will the 'quiet car' be running?  Beginning January 3, 2011, the 'quiet car' pilot program will run on the Franklin and Fitchburg Lines at peak times. The program is slated to run for 90 days or until April 3, 2011. We'll evaluate how well it went and consider the feasibility of extending it to other lines.
  3. What are the rules? Customers are asked to: refrain from cell phone use; keep pagers, cell phones, laptop and PDA sounds off; and speak quietly. Conductors will, of course, lift the quiet car restriction in times of disruption or severe overcrowding.
  4. What if I get on the 'quiet car' without knowing it?  Don't worry.  Conductors checking tickets will remind customers they are sitting in the 'quiet car'. If you prefer not to sit there, simply move to another car.
  5. What If I need to make or receive a call on my phone?  Kindly move to another car if you must make or take an incoming call. If you must leave your cell phone on, switch it to the vibrate function so that its ring won′t disturb others.
  6. What if another rider′s electronic device is too loud? Please keep in mind, quiet does not mean total silence. A certain amount of tolerance to noise is necessary. If needed, politely remind your seatmate that they are riding in a 'quiet car' and ask that they monitor the volume of their music, then let it go.  A 'quiet car' is also a peaceful car.
  7. Can I chat with fellow riders if I whisper? Yes, but please keep the tone to a whisper and the conversation brief.  If you find you need to whisper for the entire ride, it might make more sense to ride in the non-quiet cars.
  8. Can you disable the announcements in the quiet car?  We want to preserve a quiet atmosphere for the comfort of our riders; however, we must make onboard verbal station announcements.

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