Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pan Am Business Train (OCS) at West Concord MA 11/17/10

Today Pan Am Railway's OCS (Office Car Special), or business train, made its way out of Boston along the old B&M Fitchburg line, past Gardner, and on to Mechanicville NY. Weather was hit or miss. One minute it was dark and wet, then suddenly the sun was out. If you watch my video clip, you will see just as the train gets half way to the camera, the clouds move away! I had a hard time deciding which side of the tracks to stay on, due to the sun and that fence between the rails. Since no one was around, I put one camera on a tripod, and myself across the tracks with my spare camera.  Below is the shot I got while the camera was recording...

© 2010 Jonelle DeFelice
Tomorrow the train is due to return east via the Fitchburg, then branch off at Willows up the Stony Brook line and on to Maine.  

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