Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10/13/10 NOTES

Took a ride out to East Deerfield yard today.  'Geeps #51 & #52 were working the hump at the east end of the yard.  MEC #501 was in Pan Am paint and was turning into train ED190.  What I assume was an NECR work crew with a bunch of track cars were stopped at Millers Falls at 1:40PM. 

By the time I got into Harvard on my way home, I heard loaded P&W coal train PWBO on the way toward Ayer.  I just missed them at Still River, then saw them passing Harvard.  I decided to stop at Ayer station and wait for it to come out of the Hill Yard, even thought it was getting late.  Good thing I did... it had two of the new Providence & Worcester units, #562 & #582.  They were still in BNSF paint, with rather humorous patch-jobs.  I had a chat with the conductor while they waited on the east leg of the wye for a clear track.  Lighting at Ayer was awful, but I managed to snag a couple of decently lit shots down at Willows...

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